Everything but the Bagel Seasoning

Hey guys! Quick but V important post. If you haven’t head of it yet I’m about to blow your mind: Everything butt the Bagel Seasoning. This stuff is so good that it’s selling for twice as much on Amazon as it costs in store (it’s a Trader Joe’s product). As the name suggests, it’s basically the top of a bagel scraped off and bottled. It’s especially satisfying for those of us trying to shimmy our way into a bikini for summer because it makes everything taste more carby (if that makes sense). I put it on avocado toast, hold the bread, and barely miss the bread.

Bagel Seasoning.jpg

My other favorite ways to use it (so far, I’m sure there are literally a million):

  • On top of 2 CAGE-FREE sunny-side up eggs

  • Sprinkled into popcorn - pro-tip: get plain popcorn, spray with coconut oil, add this and shake

  • On an avocado, as mentioned above. ESP good on full avo toast.

  • Make any regular toast taste like a delicious everything bagel. A little gluten-free bread, a little olive oil, a little Everything but the Bagel Seasoning, and you’re basically a chef

  • Add to PLAIN coconut yogurt and dip cucumber slices

  • Eat by itself with a spoon (jk, but now that I’m saying it out loud……..)


Honestly there’s not much going on nutritionally, just know that for 1/4 tsp it has 80mg of sodium so you can enjoy but don’t go crazy.