What I Eat In A Day

The post you've all been waiting for! As you can see in the stats posted below, this is how I keep it 100....literally. Just look at all those percentages! I'll be doing a bunch of these but here's my first example. My weekdays are generally a little stricter than my weekends. This is an example for a Tuesday. Going up.



Hummus served with veggies of my choice (carrots today)


Mixed greens with veggies, avo, beans or tofu, lots of sliced veggies and flaxseed oil with lemon juice and balsamic for dressing (I added beets, radishes, yellow pepper, orange pepper, basil, lentils, avocado)

I also take my multivitamin now. I don't take it in the morning because I don't want my coffee to limit absorption


Today I had an apple and brazil nuts but other suggestions: rice cakes with avo, tomato and sprouts OR banana and protein powder whip


My favorite dinner

After dinner I take my probiotic


I also drink several liters of lemon water or infused sparkling water throughout the day



If you need a good place to start I HIGHLY recommend the app "5-day Detox" by Nikki Sharp. She outlines five days of nutrition including a shopping list. I loosely follow her macro ratios but simplify the meals due to prep time. I also generally eat raw foods - not intentionally or as a rule but it just kind of happened over time. Instead of having a different lunch and dinner every single day I will prep the same meals for 5 days to cut down on the ingredients I have to buy per week. This not only saves me time, but also minimizes the chance that anything will go to waste.