So you want to start being more healthy, but you don't know where to start. You've either tried every diet out there just to end up gaining all the weight back PLUS more, or you're sick of giving Kate Sommerville all of your money to buy EradiKate (for the love of God resist the urge to shake this). You're tired, you're more wrinkled than you thought you would be at age 28, and you don't know where this dull skin tone came from.

That was me (except I was 23 and realizing this).

So what do you do?

First off let me say that completely overhauling your lifestyle overnight is not realistic nor sustainable. The changes I've made have taken me YEARS to implement which is why they are now so easy for me to follow. People always talk about making lifestyle changes, but they rarely include the amount of time these changes take to really STICK.

 My point is do not beat yourself up or think you could never live the lifestyle you see by health food crazies on Instagram. Instead, focus on making small changes that make you feel GOOD and not anxious about whether or not you can keep them up.


My first tip is to get EDUCATED. The more you know the more you will naturally want to make decisions that benefit your body, and your cells, on both a nutritional and cellular level. Only after this step should you even consider implementing any of my suggestions, and I hope this blog helps you start to do that.

If you really want to jump into things then focus on what you can add in, not what you need to substitute or remove completely. Eventually I will post a more comprehensive plan so check back for that, but until then here is my advice:

Start your day with 1 green juice (no fruit) in addition to your normal breakfast.